Turnkey Service

Whatever your requirements, we provide a complete project handling package and turnkey service for industrial presses.

We will:

  • Source and acquire used mechanical presses, second hand hydraulic presses, press lines and associated equipment
  • Prepare valuations
  • Prepare an engineer’s condition report of the machine and guarantee accuracy
  • Formulate a removal plan and coordinate disconnecting and dismantling
  • Work to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) approved guidelines, creating a CDM (Construction Design and Management) site with associated risk assessments, method statement and timing plan which are reported to the HSE
  • Provide storage, if required
  • Arrange packing and protection for export shipping worldwide
  • Organise delivery to port for ‘Free On Board’ (FOB) and sea freight to local destination
  • Provide all certificates, documentation and permits
  • Arrange financial packages
  • Install and commission the press machine in its new position, or train your engineers in the process of dismantling so that they can reinstall
  • Undertake any refurbishment, retrofitting, upgrades and modifications as required
  • Provide on-going consultancy and advice on parts

A tailored service

We try and understand the specific requirements of a customer so that we can tailor our services to suit that company. By controlling and having responsibility for the whole process, we can think through every element of the contract and foresee and plan for any potential problems along the way. By doing this, we protect our clients and prepare a detailed timing plan for the process.

“We work with companies that have enormous skills in their particular field, but when it comes to knitting it all together, we bring a considerable wealth of experience and forethought which can mean the difference to being up and running on time, or having to wait a month for a minor component due to poor local infrastructure.”

Graham Knowles, Managing Director