Factory Clearance

At International Power Presses, we are highly experienced in both complete and partial factory clearances and disposals.

Very few factory managers have specific experience of closing a factory and potentially moving production elsewhere. We take care of the disposal of all used machinery and industrial press equipment, including used mechanical presses and second hand hydraulic presses. We secure for our clients both the money and clearance of the site by agreed dates.

In addition to used power presses, there will also be a range of ancillary equipment, including tool room, maintenance, welding and processing equipment which we will also handle. We may also buy the entire factory.

Recommending the best form of disposal

When closing a factory which has metalworking machinery, we evaluate the equipment and recommend the best form of disposal. As well as our tried and tested sources, we frequently work in partnership with an auctioneer, including online auctions, for which we prepare and clean the equipment, as well as organising photography and marketing.

Full factory clearance within 3 months

With a factory closure, you want to achieve the highest amount of money with the least effort and cost. You also want everything to be sold so that the site can be cleared. However, some auctions only sell 50% of the equipment, but our involvement means that we can pick up the responsibility of private treaty sales and subsequently clear the site. We aim to achieve full factory clearance within 3 months.

Open, honest and secure approach

Our open, honest and secure approach is fully audited and provides complete control of the selling process. We operate an open book system and have the best market information in all the international markets. Our market intelligence and management information gives us the flexibility to re-price and ensure that all the equipment is sold.